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Dil Boley Oberoi:
Gauri makes coffee for Omkara. Omkara romances with her in his day dreams. They have a romantic moment. Jhanvi and Buamaa see them in kitchen, Gauri sees the elders and feeds the tea to Omkara by her hands. Buamaa says they were fighting before, and now they look normal. Omkara dislikes the tea and tells Gauri that its better to have poison than having tea by her hands. He asks her not to forget that she is also a guest in the house, when Shwetlana leaves in two days, then Gauri will have to leave as well. Omkara and Gauri have many arguments. He tells her that she can’t get close to him, as Chulbul was.


Ricky and Sita’s sweet moments will be seen. Ricky likes Sita, after seeing her selfless concern towards her. Ricky has abandoned her in mandap, even then she is good towards him. Ricky holds Sita and dances with her, while she serves the dinner for him. Sita gets puzzled seeing his behavior. Ricky is drunk, and imagines his lover Sameera in Sita. Meera takes Vidya’s help to fail Bhavani’s plans. Meera dons the ghunghat and meets Dharam to win him back. Dharam does not know its Meera, and gets away from her. Sita gets surprised seeing Ricky’s romantic side.


Chakor does not trust Suraj anymore. Their distance got much. Chakor says you did not think about me once. Suraj apologizes for his mistake and asks him to punish him, but not go away. He says if you stay with me, I will repent for my sin. Chakor has stayed with him as his shield, now Suraj has accepted Imli has his child. Suraj’s plan backfired on him, and he lost Chakor. Suraj asks Chakor to stay back for Lord’s sake. Chakor says I can’t agree to you this time.


Anika asks Mahi to come with her to Oberoi mansion. Mahi refuses to her, as the family is not related to him. He asks her why will he go there. Anika says Shivaye is your brother, Pinky is your mom, that’s your house. He asks her to just leave. She asks him to alteast think of his mum, who has right to know about him. Mahi reveals Pinky is not his mum. He shouts Pinky is not even Shivay’s mum. Kamini will be seen troubling the Oberois again. Shivay and Mahi are Kamini’s illegitimate sons.

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Rangeela raises a voice against Veer. There is much drama. Veer sees Rangeela taking Shivani along. Veer shoots Rangeela and asks him to save himself if he can. Veer and Rangeela have a death game. Rangeela gives his gun to Veer. Rangeela asks Veer to kill him, but its last chance for him to stop him, if he escapes then his slavery towards Veer will end. Rangeela falls down. He says if I reach this gate, you won’t be my master, I won’t be your Ghulaam. Veer hunts for Rangeela and Shivani, and likes the game. Rangeela has made the rules for the game. Veer is given six bullets. If Rangeela and Shivani get saved, then they will get saved forever.


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