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Harman dreams a romantic sequence. He imagines of romancing Soumya in the rains in filmi way. Harman sees the film shooting going on. He imagines himself and Soumya, as hero and heroine, and smiles sitting at the tea stall. Harman and Soumya’s romance will be seen.


Meghna and Naina ask Nirmala about her likes and dislikes. They want to know about Nirmala’s degrees and certificates. Nirmala asks them why are they questioning her. Meghna and Naina want to make Nirmala pursue a career, as she is very talented. Naina asks her why did she hide her certificates. Meghna says you are very talented. Nirmala accepts that she was a great classical dancer.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kirti hides her wounds from everyone. Naira and Kartik get to know about Aditya harassing Kirti. Naira asks Kirti not to hide her pain and sorrow behind her smile. Kartik says if husband does not respect wife, then wife should break relation with him. Dadi tells them such little things happen in marriage and takes Aditya’s side. Kartik and Naira gets a shock knowing Dadi’s perception. Can Naira change Dadi’s thinking?

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Avni threatens Aman about police. She says I know you have done gas leak in my house. She asks him to change, else she will hold his ear and take him to police. Aman tells her that Dayavanti’s business sense is great, so she is getting Riya married to Neil, as Neil belongs to a rich business family. He tells her that Neil and Riya’s marriage is a deal, mind is needed to save respect, after Neil and Riya get married, we will kick you out, I m the only heir of all the property. He says Prakash has much money, which will become ours now. Avni gets a shock and asks is this all a deal.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Simar and Roshni reach Mata Rani darbar and pray for Piyush. They both are sure that Mata Rani can’t refuse to a mum and wife’s prayers. Simar and Roshni hold the Akhand jyot in hands and pray. Mata ji has send them to temple, as this is the only way to get Kaal out of Piyush. Wind blows in temple. Simar hears Piyush screaming and gets an intuition. She calls Aarav to know about Piyush. Simar says we are sent here to be away from home, we will go back. Roshni asks Simar to go, as she will complete the Pariknama and come home. Simar runs from the temple to reach home. Roshni continues to do pariknama for Piyush.


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