Ishqbaaz – Illegitimacy truth strikes Shivay


Anika asks Mahi to come with her to Oberoi mansion. Mahi refuses to her, as the family is not related to him. He asks her why will he go there. Anika says Shivaye is your brother, Pinky is your mom, that’s your house. He asks her to just leave. She asks him to alteast think of his mum, who has right to know about him. Mahi reveals Pinky is not his mum. He shouts Pinky is not even Shivay’s mum. Kamini will be seen troubling the Oberois again. Shivay and Mahi are Kamini’s illegitimate sons.

Anika says if Mahi and Shivay are twins, it means Shivay is not an Oberoi. How will Pinky accept this truth when Pinky was trying to stain Anika’s family background by planting the bar dancer Naintara. Pinky was proud of her blood, her son and the Oberois tag. Anika decides to break the truth to Shivay, who has a right to know his real roots and also accept his own brother Mahi. What will happen when Shivay’s name, blood and family will be questioned? Keep reading.


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