Kamini back to add up more troubles in Ishqbaaz


Shivay falls in Pinky and Naintara’s drama and starts believing that Naintara is really Anika’s mother, who left her in childhood by some helpless situation. Anika is sure that Naintara is not her mum. Naintara performs for everyone, which embarrasses them to the core. Anika asks Naintara to have some shame and answer her questions. She confronts Naintara. She poses questions, which Naintara fails to answer. Shivaye and Anika decide to test Naintara. He asks Anika to go for the DNA test to know truth. He tells her about getting a box from orphanage, which holds Anika’s childhood memories. Anika asks him to add on few things more and then test Naintara. Pinky tries to retrieve info from orphanage, but fails. She asks Naintara to run away from the house, before Shivay catches her and hands her over to police.

Shakti stops Naintara, asking her to bridge the gap between Anika and her. Shivay and Anika get the things to test Naintara and find the truth. They get to know Naintara is a fraud, who was fooling them. Shivay gets disheartened that Naintara has made a joke of motherhood by lying such a big thing. He does not know Pinky is the mastermind behind this conspiracy. Anika wonders about Shivay’s reaction, when he knows the bigger truth about Pinky and Mahi. Shivay will get to know Kamini is his real mum. Kamini is back in their lives to add more troubles and fulfill her revenge motives. How will Shivay stand up for his family in this emotional crisis? Keep reading.


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