Chakor moves out of Suraj’s life in Udaan


Chakor comes to stay with Kasturi and Bhuvan. She hides her pain and smiles. She has left the haveli, after Suraj cheated her. She wipes her tears and controls her emotions. She tells Bhuvan that she was missing them and came to stay with them for some days. Bhuvan hugs and welcomes her home. Chakor is much hurt because of the deceive. She does not meet Kasturi’s eyes, as she is hiding big thing from them. She does not want to cry in front of them.

Kasturi understands Chakor’s sorrow. She tells Bhuvan that they should look happy to show Chakor, else Chakor will get more sad. Chakor checks the food in kitchen and asks Kasturi how did she make her favorite food today. She asks Kasturi to serve the food to her, as she is much hungry. Chakor gets some peace at home. Suraj comes to meet Chakor and convince her. Chakor tells Suraj that she hates him and does not want to listen to him.


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