Chakor to end ties with Suraj in Udaan


Chakor does not trust Suraj anymore. Their distance got much. Chakor says you did not think about me once. Suraj apologizes for his mistake and asks him to punish him, but not go away. He says if you stay with me, I will repent for my sin. Chakor has stayed with him as his shield, now Suraj has accepted Imli has his child. Suraj’s plan backfired on him, and he lost Chakor. Suraj asks Chakor to stay back for Lord’s sake. Chakor says I can’t agree to you this time.

Chakor decides to leave the haveli, when Suraj does not move out with Imli. She tells Suraj that her love failed, where was Suraj’s love when he was with Imli. Imli and Suraj try to stop Chakor. Suraj asks Chakor to stay back for his sake. He keeps her bags away and requests her. Chakor says you made me fall much low, if I stay here, I will fall in my own eyes, do you want this to happen. He moves aside off her way. His heart cries out to stop her. She does not listen to him. Suraj allows her to go. Chakor does not listen to Imli. Suraj asks Imli to let Chakor go. Chakor cries and leaves. Suraj shouts Chakor and weeps, not able to bear the separation.

Suraj gets frustrated and breaks things around. Suraj finds it hard to explain Chakor that he did not cheat her. Imli gets angry seeing Suraj silent. She asks Suraj why did he not stop Chakor. Imli cries out seeing Suraj’s heartbreak. She says your relation with Chakor broke because of me, how will I forgive myself now, why shall I be quiet now. Suraj wants Imli’s child to be safe and does not want to tell truth to even Chakor. Imli tells Suraj that he did big mistake. Suraj has sacrificed his love for his friendship. Can Chakor realize Suraj’s sacrifice? Keep reading.


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