Kokila to persuade Gopi for a fresh beginning in Saathiya


Kokila wants to make Gopi’s life better. She is also trying to reform Ricky. Kokila has big duties on her shoulders. Kokila’s soft side will be seen. Kokila gets a gajra for Gopi and asks her to wear gajra to bring essence in her life. She explains Gopi to make a new start with Jaggi. She says Ahem was my dear son, he is always in my heart, after Ahem left, my heart shattered, which none could join, Jaggi came in our life, I welcomed him happily and accepted him as son. Gopi sees Ahem’s picture and cries. She sees the gajra and gets thinking of Kokila’s words.

Kokila wants Jaggi and Gopi to make a fresh start. Gopi finds hard to move on in life. Gopi has always loved Ahem. She drops the gajras and sheds tears. She misses Ahem and thinks of him. Kokila explained her that Jaggi has taken Ahem’s place in everyone’s lives now. She asked Gopi to see Ahem in Jaggi and make him part of her life.


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