Bhavani’s melodrama to trap Dharam in Saathiya…


Dharam is trapped by Bhavani. Dharam avoids Bhavani. Bhavani gets tea for him. He makes excuse and runs from there. Meera and Vidya take the tea and enjoy. Bhavani and Meera’s fight for their suhaag adds up drama. Meera makes a plan to kidnap Bhavani. She takes help from Vidya. They see Bhavani sleeping and get a sack. They put Bhavani in the sack and kidnap her. Vidya does not want Bhavani to break Meera’s house. She is trying to save Meera’s family. They both want to throw Bhavani out of the house.

Bhavani calls some ladies home, so that she can get Dharam’s attention. The ladies ask Bhavani how is she staying here when Meera is also with Dharam. Dharam asks the ladies to stop nonsense, Bhavani will stay here. The ladies call them shameless and leave. Bhavani starts the drama and cries. She falls in Dharam’s feet. She says you filled my maang and made me wife. She asks Dharam to accept her as wife completely with a true heart, else he can make her leave forever. She says I will accept your decision. She leaves Dharam to think. Dharam gets tension by her emotional step. Meera and Bhavani are playing games and want to outdo each other. Ricky pushes Sita and makes the daal fall on the floor. Kokila angrily makes him clean the floor. Nanny goes to help him. Kokila can’t see Ricky insulting Sita. She tells him insulting women and food are much wrong, Ricky has to apologize to Sita if he has to live with them in their house.


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