Misunderstandings to crop more problems in Udaan


Suraj gets headache. Imli gets the balm for Imli. Suraj asks him to be away, he is fine. She says you look much worried, I got the balm, let me apply balm for friendship’s sake, else we have another relation of master and bandhua. He says I don’t want any balm, leave me. He gets hurt. She asks him to sit quiet now. Imli and Suraj take care of each other. They appear happy to Chakor. The misunderstandings are increasing. Chakor shatters seeing them close. Imli and Suraj laugh. Chakor sheds tears and runs away.

Villagers come to ask Ragini and Vivaan about making their kids bandhua by new contracts. Ragini asks them to hand over the kids to them, else they will have to pay for it. Vivaan puts the blame on Suraj. Chakor asks Suraj to answer. Vivaan says Suraj knew the contracts and he is responsible for this. Ragini asks villagers to make guns on time, else we will take same work from the kids. Chakor does not believe Suraj anymore. Vivaan and Ragini framed Suraj. Ragini says everything is clear now. Suraj shouts and asks Chakor to believe him, he is not greedy and fraud, he did not cheat anyone, he will make things fine. Vivaan has broken Suraj and Chakor’s relation. Chakor leaves from there. Vivaan and Ragini’s plan succeeds. Chakor sends divorce papers to Suraj. Suraj gets a big shock. Suraj gets anger out on Vivaan for cheating him.


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