Chandrakanta to yearn for Virendra


Chandrakanta’s haldi rasam will be seen. The palace gets decorated beautifully for the big event. Shivdutt sends the haldi for Chandrakanta. She is much upset. She is unwillingly marrying Shivdutt. She has freed Virendra from all the responsibilities and sent him away. She is not happy with the marriage. Rani maa gets the haldi from Shivdutt’s side. She says Chandrakanta will get the color of Shivdutt in her life now. She is happy that Chandrakanta will be becoming Shivdutt’s wife now. She praises Yuvraaj Shivdutt, who has money and power. Everyone apply haldi to Chandrakanta. She gets allergic to the haldi.

She gets the rashes by haldi. Chapla asks them how did the haldi turn bad. Chandrakanta suspects someone is trying to spoil her beauty by the damaged haldi. Shivdutt has added wine in the haldi and sent for her. She is not excited about the marriage, as she loves Virendra. She reached a phase where she does not care for whatever is happening. She has left everything on fate now. Her heart cries for Virendra. Virendra will be coming back to Vijaygarh to stop Chandrakanta’s marriage.


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