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Chandrakanta: Chandrakanta’s haldi rasam will be seen. The palace gets decorated beautifully for the big event. Shivdutt sends the haldi for Chandrakanta. She is much upset. She is unwillingly marrying Shivdutt. She has freed Virendra from all the responsibilities and sent him away. She is not happy with the marriage. Rani maa gets the haldi from Shivdutt’s side. She says Chandrakanta will get the color of Shivdutt in her life now. She is happy that Chandrakanta will be becoming Shivdutt’s wife now. She praises Yuvraaj Shivdutt, who has money and power. Everyone apply haldi to Chandrakanta. She gets allergic to the haldi.

Saathiya: Dharam is trapped by Bhavani. Dharam avoids Bhavani. Bhavani gets tea for him. He makes excuse and runs from there. Meera and Vidya take the tea and enjoy. Bhavani and Meera’s fight for their suhaag adds up drama. Meera makes a plan to kidnap Bhavani. She takes help from Vidya. They see Bhavani sleeping and get a sack. They put Bhavani in the sack and kidnap her. Vidya does not want Bhavani to break Meera’s house. She is trying to save Meera’s family. They both want to throw Bhavani out of the house.

Some goons attack Harman. Harman fights with the goons. Soumya comes to save Harman, and fights with the goons. Soumya stands as Harman’s shield.

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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:
Raj and Rani have annoyance between them. There is a party going on. Raj and Rani dance in the masquerade party. Rani taunts Raj to always wear a mask, which made him forget his real face. Rani’s mum Sunanda has kept the party and wants to name everything to Raj. Rani tries hard to tell Raj’s truth to Sunanda, but fails as Raj interrupts them. She gives all the responsibilities and powers to Raj. She makes an announcement in the party.

Jaat Ki Jugni:

Bittu gets ready to meet Munni. He can’t wait till morning and thinks to meet Munni at midnight itself. He is badly missing her. He removes the heroine’s poster from his cupboard, as he has found his Jugni in reality. He has realized his love for Munni and sees his future with her. Bittu is not scared of her brothers now. He has finally convinced Bau ji to resolve the matter. Bittu does not think Bau ji’s reaction if he meets Munni at this time.


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