Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Thapki Pyaar Ki:
Kosi makes Bani against Thapki. Bani says there is just one way to end this drama. Kosi says I want everyone to humiliate Thapki, just wait for some time, let the right time come, we will expose Thapki and Aryan’s truth in front of everyone, they all will hate Thapki, Thapki will sink in tears. Kosi wants to stop Tina’s marriage to hurt Thapki. Kosi wants to swap the brides and ruin Tina’s life. Kosi wants to ruin Thapki completely. Thapki is locked in a dark room. Bani and Samar will get married, while Tina will marry Munna. How will Thapki save her daughters’ lives?

Chakor has hurried to take divorce from Suraj. She forces Suraj to come to court. Suraj does not agree for divorce. Chakor does not want to listen to him. Suraj is forced to sign on the papers in court room. She feels he did wrong with her. He feels she should have understood him. Chakor also signs on the divorce papers. They both go the either ways.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Anjali is upset with Simar. She tells Simar that she does not want to keep relation with her. She says Simar wants to act great in front of everyone, she sacrifices her children’s lives for her good. Anjali gets into a heated argument. Simar explains her that truth will come out any day. She says I m your mum and wants your betterment. Anjali asks Simar how can she insult her in front of everyone. She tells Simar that she does not need such mum, the mum who ruins children’s lives can’t deserve to be called a mum. Anjali ends ties with Simar.

Harman and Soumya come in the party of film release. The hero of the film makes a sting video and plays in the party. Everyone point fingers at Harman after seeing Harman getting intimate with the film heroine. The hero tells Harman that its not any lie, its sting operation, its totally true. Harman asks what’s this nonsense. The hero tries playing smart. He has shot Harman and heroine’s pic in wrong way. He thought Soumya will get angry seeing the pics, but it does not happen so. She says for me, my husband is a true person.


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