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Udaan: Suraj tells Chakor that he loves her a lot, he will not give her divorce, he has married her, she is his wife. He says even you love me, that’s why you are hurt by this shocking thing. She thinks its pointless to stay together now. She can’t bear any third person in between them. Their relation is getting weak by the misunderstandings. Suraj fears his marriage will break. He explains Chakor about his love. Chakor asks him if she is his wife, then he has to answer her, why is Imli pregnant with his child. Suraj takes his angry avatar and burns the divorce papers. He is frustrated that Chakor is not understanding him. He can’t lose Chakor. He asks Chakor how can she leave him. He refuses to give her divorce.

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Love Ka Hai Intezaar:

Madhav borrows some time from Kamini to talk about their relation with his mum. He tells Kamini that he will not do any injustice with her, but he has to keep up his duties towards his province too. Madhav’s royal background poses a problem for Kamini. Kamini and Madhav are from different worlds. She belongs to a sparkling world of Bollywood, while Madhav is a royal prince. Madhav lets Kamini free, asking her to decide whether she wants to wait till he gets his mum’s approval about their relation, or wants to choose her own path based on her worries. Kamini doubts his mum will reject her and choose a royal family girl for Madhav.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Aditya blames Naksh and Kirti of having an affair. He makes his driver lie in favor of him. Naksh beats the driver and asks him why is he lying. Kartik stops him. Aditya sheds crocodile tears and tells everyone that Kirti and Naksh are having an affair since before. Entire Goenka family gets shocked. Kirti breaks down by Aditya’s accusations. Kartik scolds Aditya for falling so low to stain Kirti’s character.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Simar gets Piyush and Roshni home. She thanks Mata Rani. She tells Roshni that by her strong belief, Piyush is fine and between them today. Roshni says we will not let anything wrong happen, we will be united. Everything got normal in family. Roshni is in peace now, as Kaal was troubling them a lot. Simar says we will make a new start happily. Simar talks of Aarav and Ananya’s alliance, after all the misunderstandings got cleared, Riddhima and Ananya were helping Piyush and did not wish to harm him.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piya ji:

Kanak and Uma have different perceptions about rights of husband and wife in marriage relation. Kanak makes the diyas as per Uma’s challenge and proves her point that women are equal to men, and do not depend on men to do anything. Uma gets angry seeing her state. He shouts on her for not keeping up her esteem the right way. Kanak reacts and tells him her plan of dumping the marriage and leaving him in few days.


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