Meera and Vidya to oppose Bhavani in Saathiya…


Meera and Vidya are failing Bhavani’s plans. Bhavani did not get rights on Dharam. She is trying hard to impress Dharam. She tells Dharam that she has made the paratha for him. She feeds him by her hands. She says I like making food, I will try your favorite dishes every day. Meera and Vidya take care of babies. Meera tells Vidya that Bhavani is trying to win Dharam, but she won’t let this happen. Vidya says I know, we have to fall like her to make her lose, we have to forget our values and make plans like her. Meera agrees to teach Bhavani a lesson by doing same thing like her.

Bhavani lies on the ground and does drama. Dharam tells Bhavani that she has right on everything in the room. She asks him why is he giving her false hope, she has no identity in this house. He says you have full rights on this house. She asks don’t I have rights on you. She asks him to accept her as wife. He refuses to her and says I will just do the duties of a husband, but I can’t give you the rights of a wife, I lost trust in husband and wife’s relation, you will get respect of being my wife. Bhavani gets angry and breaks the mirror.


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