Aarav and Ananya’s marriage calls for complications


Simar gets Piyush and Roshni home. She thanks Mata Rani. She tells Roshni that by her strong belief, Piyush is fine and between them today. Roshni says we will not let anything wrong happen, we will be united. Everything got normal in family. Roshni is in peace now, as Kaal was troubling them a lot. Simar says we will make a new start happily. Simar talks of Aarav and Ananya’s alliance, after all the misunderstandings got cleared, Riddhima and Ananya were helping Piyush and did not wish to harm him.

Pari gets upset and says I will decide for my son. I will do what’s right for this family, Aarav will not marry Ananya. Simar asks why will Aarav not marry Ananya, what happened. Pari shows she is important and she will take decisions. She angrily scolds Simar. She asks Simar why did she not manage relations, she failed to manage her husband and daughter, and is saying between them today. She asks Mata ji not to support Simar, she is wrong. She gets her frustration out on Simar. Mata ji always supports Simar. Mata ji asks Pari to agree for Aarav and Ananya’s marriage. Pari’s refusal leads to complications.


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