Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji – Kanak’s plan


Kanak and Uma have different perceptions about rights of husband and wife in marriage relation. Kanak makes the diyas as per Uma’s challenge and proves her point that women are equal to men, and do not depend on men to do anything. Uma gets angry seeing her state. He shouts on her for not keeping up her esteem the right way. Kanak reacts and tells him her plan of dumping the marriage and leaving him in few days.

Uma tells Kanak that they will be called husband and wife in real sense after the Shuddhikaran rituals. Kanak gets Bhabho’s shop papers. She thinks of meeting Arvind and show the papers. Uma decides to take her to Pushkar to inaugurate the shop. When Uma and Kanak’s union moment arrives, Kanak escapes, leaving behind Uma and breaking his trust. How will Uma take Kanak’s deceive? Keep reading.


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