Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai – Naira v/s Dadi


Kirti hides her wounds from everyone. Naira tries to make Kartik know Kirti’s pain. She asks him to follow Kirti and Aditya, if he wants to know the bitter truth of their marriage. Aditya tortures Kirti. Kartik gets to see Kirti’s sorrow. He sees the true picture of Aditya and Kirti’s happily married life. Kirti gets back to Kartik’s birthday party, with a smile on face, while Aditya too joins everyone on the dance floor. Naira and Kartik get to know about Aditya harassing Kirti. Kartik gets angry on Aditya and wants to expose him. Naira stops Kartik and asks him to wait for a better opportunity, when Aditya is not left with any option than to say truth.

Naira asks Kirti not to hide her pain and sorrow behind her smile. Kartik says if husband does not respect wife, then wife should break relation with him. Dadi gets to know Kirti’s problems. Dadi still decides to send off Kirti with Aditya to her inlaws, believing daughters don’t look good in Maayka for long time. Manish also agrees with Dadi to send Kirti with Aditya. Goenkas look forward to the business merger with Aditya’s family. Dadi tells Naira and Kartik that such little things happen in marriage and takes Aditya’s side. Kartik and Naira gets a shock knowing Dadi’s perception. Naira will be getting against Dadi, and stand by Kirti. Can Naira change Dadi’s thinking? Keep reading.


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