Chandrakanta – Chandrakanta and Virendra’s new journey


Chandrakanta is preparing for her marriage with Shivdutt. Virendra reaches Vijaygarh and does not know any recent developments. He asks the man what’s happening, there is much crowd gathered. The man says our princess is getting married, we are making the preparations. Virendra gets a huge shock knowing his love Chandrakanta will get married to Shivdutt.

Chandrakanta will be meeting her mum, who would be revealing Virendra and Chandrakanta, that Virendra is the royal prince. She will unite Virendra and Chandrakanta. There will be new beginning for the couple. Many riddles will get solved by their union. Her mum tells her that this is not the end, this is the start of the mystery. Chandrakanta and Virendra will get together and begin their new journey in the magical world.


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