Love Ka Hai Intezaar – Madhav reveals his relationship


Madhav borrows some time from Kamini to talk about their relation with his mum. He tells Kamini that he will not do any injustice with her, but he has to keep up his duties towards his province too. Madhav’s royal background poses a problem for Kamini. Kamini and Madhav are from different worlds. She belongs to a sparkling world of Bollywood, while Madhav is a royal prince. Madhav lets Kamini free, asking her to decide whether she wants to wait till he gets his mum’s approval about their relation, or wants to choose her own path based on her worries. Kamini doubts his mum will reject her and choose a royal family girl for Madhav.

Madhav and Kamini’s sweet relation goes through sorrow when they fear separation. He is pretty sure that his mum will never refuse for his happiness. His mum has a wrong image set in her mind about film heroines. She comes across news of Kamini having a secret lover and doubts on her bad character. Madhav breaks the truth to his mum that he is Kamini’s secret lover, he loves her to the core and wants to marry her. His mum refuses to accept Kamini as her daughter in law.


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