High Five Spoilers

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Chandrakanta is preparing for her marriage with Shivdutt. Virendra reaches Vijaygarh and does not know any recent developments. He asks the man what’s happening, there is much crowd gathered. The man says our princess is getting married, we are making the preparations. Virendra gets a huge shock knowing his love Chandrakanta will get married to Shivdutt. Chandrakanta will be meeting her mum, who would be revealing Virendra and Chandrakanta, that Virendra is the royal prince. She will unite Virendra and Chandrakanta.

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Suraj is taking much care of Imli. Chakor comes to hospital. She sees Suraj with Imli. Suraj and Imli meet the doctor. Suraj asks Imli to sit well. Imli was hurt, and feared for the child. Suraj asks doctor how is the child. Doctor says baby is fine. Suraj tells doctor that he is the father of the child. He introduces himself. Chakor is not able to see them together. She gets jealous and leaves from there. Suraj and Imli get worried.


Dayavanti and her family are happy in Riya’s sangeet. Neil and Riya perform in the sangeet, while Avni and Ali perform together. Both the families are happy. Even the elders dance to celebrate. Neil wants to collect DNA samples of Fatima and Avni. He is making everyone dance and wants to cleverly workout his plans. He gets to tries Fatima and Avni’s hair strands, so that he can get their DNA test done and know their connection.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Aarav and Ananya’s marriage is happening. Everyone wait for their shagun ceremony. The powercut happens. Ananya enters the house when the power goes in the house. Pari shouts on Aarav and says its abshagun, is this a good timing for Ananya to enter home. She creates a scene and expresses that she is not happy with their alliance. She asks Simar can’t she see Aarav’s happiness. Pari takes Ananya’s class. She says I don’t hate Ananya, but she has to obey the rules made by elders. Riddhima gives a beautiful saree to Simar. Pari says I m Aarav’s mum and I should get the most beautiful saree, not Simar. She argues and takes the saree from Simar. Simar wants things to happen with ease and peace.

Shakti: Harman and Soumya come in the party of film release. The hero of the film makes a sting video and plays in the party. Everyone point fingers at Harman after seeing Harman getting intimate with the film heroine. The hero tells Harman that it’s not any lie, its sting operation, it’s totally true. Harman asks what’s this nonsense. The hero tries playing smart. He has shot Harman and heroine’s pic in wrong way. He thought Soumya will get angry seeing the pics, but it does not happen so. She says for me, my husband is a true person.


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