Meghna learns Karan’s illness truth in Swabhimaan


Meghna cries as her sorrow is getting high. Kunal goes to convince her. They have an argument. Kunal pacifies her. They have annoyance between them. Meghna beats Kunal and sheds tears. She wants her husband’s support. She gets angry on him. She asks Kunal why did he not tell her about Karan’s illness before. Kunal says we promised each other to support each other. She says all our promised got broken now. She says Kunal should have told her the entire truth, he did not say Karan’s serious truth.

Kunal tells her that even he did not know everything well. Meghna is worried for Naina’s life and marriage. Kunal asks Meghna not to let this matter come between their relation. He says I will support Karan and Naina, we did not know the illness, now when we know this, we will find a solution and get Karan’s treated well. Meghna fears Naina can get Karan’s illness too.


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