Neil to spy on Avni-Neela in Naamkarann

Avni in Naamkarann

Neil gets to know Madhavi’s truth that she is just a maid in Neela’s house. She asks Neil to let her go. Neil asks Madhavi to spy on Ananya and Neela and work for him. Madhavi agrees to him. DD tells Neil about Neela’s father’s death, maybe Dayavanti is behind it, Ananya and Neela can take revenge from Dayavanti. Neil is sure that Ananya is not Neela’s daughter, as Neela and Ashish’s marriage happened late. Neil suspects Ananya has strong connection with Aman.

Avni and Ali take disguise and reach the hospital to get Avni’s photo. They try to fool Dayavanti. Fatima meets Dayavanti and asks her why did she come here to check papers. Dayavanti panics. Fatima gets Dayavanti caught by hospital staff and proves she is a mad woman. Fatima cries thinking of Aisha. Avni gets emotional seeing Fatima’s tears. Avni could not stop herself from revealing the truth to Fatima. She tells Fatima that she is alive and she is Avni Aisha. Fatima gets overjoyed to get her Avni back safe. Shweta tries to know Ananya and Neil’s relation. She plans to kick out Ananya from Neil’s life. Fatima asks Avni why does she want to stop Riya and Neil’s marriage, does she love Neil. Avni tells Fatima that Dayavanti wants a business merger with Prakash. She wants to fail Dayavanti’s plan. Will Avni succeed in stopping the marriage? Keep reading.


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