Armaan attempts to kill Naina’s child in Pardes


Armaan is troubled by Naina. He tells Sudha that he has totally given up now. Harjeet hurts herself in anger. She tells Armaan that she is doing this to secure his future. She wants Sudha and Armaan to help her in winning this battle. She wants to make Khurana out of her way. Sudha joins hands with her. Khurana seals Armaan’s accounts. He does not trust Armaan now. He controls Armaan by limiting him financially. Harjeet emotionally blackmails Khurana. She shows her wounds. She blames Naina for her state. She calls Naina a dangerous woman, and asks him to save his son from Naina. She tells him that Naina can kill his son if he stays quiet.

Khurana gets raged and goes to confront Naina. Sudha takes Dadi out of the house, giving a chance to Armaan to kill the baby. Harjeet asks Armaan to use this chance to kill the baby, so that they can blame Naina for the crime. Khurana angrily ties up Naina to control her. Naina faints. Harjeet calls psychiatrist to get help for Naina. Khurana asks her to take rest, he will meet the doctor. She tells him she will come along with him. She does not want to take risk of her life and acts afraid. Armaan goes to kill the baby and laughs on Naina’s helplessness. Armaan tries to kill the baby. Naina gets conscious and sees Armaan attempting to kill the baby. Can Naina save her child? Keep reading.


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