IB-DBO Integration Week: Oberoi Special airing tonight…


Ishqbaaz and Dil Boley Oberoi’s integration episodes will get fun, drama and huge revelations. Anika throws water on Shivay. Shivay moves away knowing what is Anika upto, and gets Omkara in front. Omkara becomes Anika’s target. Gauri shows her signature candy eating step. Omkara understands what is Gauri going to do next. He moves away when she throws the candy. Shivay gets hit by the candy. There are hilarious moments between them. Anika and Gauri meet for the first time. They have many things in common. They catch up and like each other’s company.

Anika tells how she has broke Shivay’s car windscreen in their first meet. Gauri reveals how she has crushed Omkara’s car by the bulldozer. Shivay gets surprised knowing Gauri can drive even a bulldozer. Omkara does not want Gauri to stay in his house. He thinks she is staying for money. He is sure that Gauri just wants his money, she can do anything for money. Dadi stops Omkara from making Gauri leave the house. Omkara and Gauri’s relation gets acceptance from the family. Their fate is related and their relation will not break.

Anika will be revealing the biggest truth to Shivay that he is Shakti’s illegitimate child. Omkara and Gauri’s Grah pravesh will be seen, while Rudra will be meeting his life partner. How will Oberois win over such shocking secret and an unknown enemy? Keep reading.


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