Riya changes mind about marrying Neil in Naamkarann


Riya’s haldi will be seen. Riya makes a big plan. Dayavanti applies her shagun haldi. Riya is worried by some matter. She looks unhappy. Riya was waiting for pre-marriage functions to begin. She was thinking a lot and making plans to win Neil after the engagement. Avni manipulates Riya and tells her that the sacrifice she is making for Dayavanti is not worth it. Riya gets in dilemma whether Neil is made for her or not. She thinks maybe Neil is not the right guy for her, she should run away from the marriage.

She does not have any love for Neil. She plans to run away from the house. Avni is planning all this and asks Riya to have her self identity. She helps Riya in running away. Avni wants to break Riya and Neil’s marriage. Avni takes Dayavanti’s blessings, and wants to fulfill her motives. She got the support by Dayavanti. She gets a sign that she will succeed in her goals. Riya decides to run away from the marriage. How will Dayavanti handle the big twist of runaway bride? Keep reading.


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