Shwetlana to make an exit from Omkara’s life in Dil Boley Oberoi


Shwetlana threatens Omkara about Gauri’s life. She locks Gauri in the ice box and tells Omkara that Gauri will freeze and die in few minutes. She tries to kill Gauri. She lowers the temperature of the freezer. She is much angry on them. Omkara gets a huge shock. He is held at gun point by Shwetlana and gets helpless.

Omkara then manages to save Gauri from Shwetlana. He gets Gauri out of the ice box. He rubs her palms and tries to wake her up. He revives her by CPR. He saves Gauri’s life. Gauri gets conscious. Omkara’s love for Gauri is seen in his eyes. Shwetlana threatens to kill Omkara. Police reaches there on right time and arrests Shwetlana. Shwetlana leaves from Omkara’s life. Fake Shwetlana has left from the house, but real Shwetlana has made an entry home. Will she pose new problems for Gauri and Omkara? Keep reading.


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