High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

Swabhimaan: Nirmala sings aarti for Saraswati puja in the temple. Meghna and Naina are happy seeing Nirmala. Everyone praise Nirmala. Nirmala gives credit to her bahus, who have encouraged her. The people call her lucky to get such supportive bahus. Her bahus have made her overcome her fear and express her talents. Sandhya can’t see Nirmala getting praised by everyone. Sandhya is much disappointed as Meghna did not get provoked by Sandhya’s plans. Meghna and Naina have become Nirmala’s strength. Sandhya fears to lose her importance at home.


Chandrakanta is kidnapped by Shivdutt. He has locked her in the prison. Chandrakanta gets a shock seeing Shivdutt, when he comes to welcome her. He has threatened her about the bad days in her life. He says I will change your fate now, did you think I will agree to you, I knew your mum has told you some secret to break us. Chandrakanta smiles and has no fear. She says your fate has changed already. She does not tell him the secret told by her mum. Virendra will be coming to save Chandrakanta.

Riya has run away from the house. Ali and Avni’s plan got succeeded. Ali says I lost my phone and got it now, Riya called me many times, I m unable to track her now, don’t know where did she go. Avni hopes Riya is fine. She thinks where did Riya go. Ali then manages to talk to Riya. He apologizes to her and asks her where did she reach. He asks Riya to wait for him, he is reaching. Ali tells Avni that he will take Riya somewhere till marriage matter ends. Avni wants to stop Riya and Neil’s marriage. Avni and Neil will get married and then their love story will begin.

Udaan: Chakor and Suraj have got divorced. Suraj thinks Chakor still loves him and has much hope. She is fed up of the problems arising in her life. She tells Suraj that she is going to thank the new inspector who has caught the truck loaded with illegal arms. Suraj stops her and tells her the importance of mangalsutra. She asks him to stop showing his rights on her now, as he is not her husband now. He reminds their relation and asks her why is she wearing mangalsutra and have sindoor in her hairline till now. She asks him not to care whom she meets and what she does. She realizes Suraj loves her. Suraj saves her from falling down. The couple have an eyelock.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door:
Kailash has turned mad. He has come home to trouble Atharv and Vividha. Kailash thinks he is a king and asks them to serve him food. Ravish calls the mental hospital people to take Kailash away. Kailash shouts about the planning against him. He declares a war against them. Everyone see Kailash’s drama. Vividha worries for Kailash and pities his state. The hospital staff take Kailash.

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:

Rani sees some thieves taking temple jewelry. The thieves see Rani witnessing their crime. They try to bury her in the wall so that she does not tell anyone about their crimes. The thieves are Rani’s new enemy. Rani is tied up and put inside a brick wall. Rani manages to shout. Raj hears her and gets a shock seeing her inside the brick wall. Raj and Rani’s love story is ending on a sad note. Rani’s breath starts dropping.


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