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Saathiya: Ricky has married Sameera, much to Sita’s shock. Kokila gives the traditional clothes for Sameera, asking her to wear it in Mu dikhai function. Sameera likes the jewelry, but not the saree. Kokila says its not old-fashioned, its according to our culture, I want you to wear this as I am your Dadi-saas. Sameera thanks Kokila for doing all this for her positively. She refuses to wear the traditional things. She says I should look like I am, I am definitely not this. She says this saree will never suit me, its mu dikhai, I should be introduced as I am.

Ishqbaaz: Oberoi family has a discussion about entering Gauri and Anika’s names in Kulpatri. They all decide to keep Kulgotra puja for both the bahus. The brothers get together and do a special aarti puja. Oberoi brothers show their unity, like seen in the first episode of Ishqbaaz. Shivay walks in with Anika. They make a plan to bring Naintara’s truth out. They are trying to find who is backing up Naintara from Oberoi family. Naintara gets a shock when Anika tells her that some goons have come outside, they are making a huge demand to hide her truth. Naintara worries and thinks to take Shivay’s help. Shivay avoids Naintara and goes to sit in puja.

Sasural Simar Ka: Ananya’s mu dikhai is happening. Everyone wait for Roshni. Pari asks Mata ji to start the rasam. Mata ji says we will wait for some time, let Roshni come. Pari says guests can’t wait much, you start the rasam first. Pari refuses to do mu dikhai of Ananya. She says I have to give my mum’s bangles to Ananya in mu dikhai, but Roshni has the keys of locker, till I thought to tell her, Roshni went out of home. She asks guests to do mu dikhai of Ananya.

Ghulaam: Rangeela teaches a lesson to Veer. He says a sensible person is one who does not repeat his mistake. Rangeela ties up Veer to the tree. Veer’s life is in Rangeela’s hand now. Rangeela says I have my mum’s blessings today, you insulted Shivani on Swayamvar day, I was silent as I was your slave, I did not say anything and got beaten up by you, I will not be quiet today. It’s a turning point in Rangeela’s life. He has stood against Veer. He can’t bear his mum’s humiliation by Veer. Veer gets hurt by the rope noose in neck.

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Jaat Ki Jugni: Munni doubts Bittu has killed her Tau ji. She gets Bau ji’s bracelet with Bittu and confronts him. She asks him how did he get this. He tells her that this bracelet is a proof. Bittu gives a proof to Munni. He tells Munni that Bau ji has killed Tau ji, this is the truth, its upto her if she believes this or not. Munni is not able to believe him and asks if he is making any story, he knows what Bau ji means to her. He asks what is she saying, what will he get by making story. He says you are blaming me that I killed Tau ji, why will I kill him, think how did your Bau ji’s bracelet come in Tau ji’s hands.


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