Kokila upset with Sameera’s tantrums in Saathiya…


Ricky has married Sameera, much to Sita’s shock. Kokila gives the traditional clothes for Sameera, asking her to wear it in Mu dikhai function. Sameera likes the jewelry, but not the saree. Kokila says its not old-fashioned, its according to our culture, I want you to wear this as I am your Dadi-saas. Sameera thanks Kokila for doing all this for her positively. She refuses to wear the traditional things. She says I should look like I am, I am definitely not this. She says this saree will never suit me, its mu dikhai, I should be introduced as I am. Kokila says its fine, you are good, if you wear shagun clothes and jewelry, you will look more beautiful.

Gopi and everyone come after hearing the arguments. Sameera says Kokila wants me to do these clothes, sorry to disappoint you, I wear modern kind of clothes. Kokila asks her to sometimes find her happiness in family’s happiness, is this her final decision now. Sameera apologizes and asks Kokila to take the shagun. Kokila gets angry and shouts on Sameera, reminding its her house and her rules are followed here. She says she has accepted all bahus and tried to help them adjust, if Sameera can’t agree to her, then its not right. She gets annoyed and asks Sameera to stay in her limits, if she has to stay in her house.



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