Raman gets upset with Ishita’s decision in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: New troubles mount up for Raman

Ishita and Raman have an argument over Adi’s mistake to hide such a big truth of his first marriage. He says Adi is afraid to tell the truth as he loves Aaliya a lot. She feels she failed as a mother, she gave bad upbringing to Adi, if he can’t come to her and tell the matter. She tells Raman that Adi disrespected Roshni and broke her pride. Raman tells her that Adi loves them, but he was helpless. Raman defends Adi, while she does not agree to support Adi. Raman does not want to ruin Adi and Aaliya’s lives. She says Aaliya has a right to know truth, their marriage can break if Aaliya does not accept this later on.

Raman says Adi and Roshni’s marriage is annulled, now nothing can go wrong. He begs her not to stop Adi and Aaliya’s marriage. She tells him that her heart is shattering thinking of Aaliya. He asks her to let this marriage happen. Raman and Ishita come in the function to do rituals. Mani asks Raman where were they. Romi vents his anger out on judge for revealing everything to Raman and Ishita. Judge tells Romi that Adi is wrong totally, he is cheating his would be wife too. Adi and Aaliya take the wedding rounds. Ishita feels Adi is cheating Aaliya by hiding the truth. She takes Aaliya with her, in middle of the rounds.

Adi and Aaliya’s ghatbandhan breaks. Ishita tells Aaliya to know a big truth about Adi, before marrying him. She breaks Adi’s marriage truth. Aaliya gets a shock. Ishita apologizes to him. Ishita tells her that Adi did not wish to cheat her, but was afraid to tell her. Mani worries for Aaliya. Mani and Shagun question Raman about Ishita’s step to take Aaliya by breaking ghatbandhan. Everyone go to see Aaliya. They find Aaliya in a shock. Mani demands an answer from Ishita. Aaliya confronts Adi about his first marriage. Aaliya refuses to marry Adi. Raman gets upset with Ishita for spoiling Adi and Aaliya’s future.


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