Naina steps ahead in her revenge motives in Pardes


Naina gets conscious and spots Armaan attempting to kill her baby. She begs to Armaan to leave the baby. Armaan tells her that he will sink the baby in bathtub. Naina gets helpless and cries. Ahana’s spirit gets in Naina. She gets powerful and breaks the door. She gets the baby back from Armaan, and reprimands him. Armaan tries to get away from her. Naina teaches him a lesson. He begs her to forgive him. She tells Armaan that a mum can go to any extent for her child. The family members come home. Khurana sees Naina attacking Armaan and gets a shock. Naina acts strange and threatens them. She tells Khurana that Armaan tried to kill her baby. Armaan defends himself. Naina asks Khurana to secure his baby, by punishing Armaan. She says I tried to kill Armaan to save my baby. Armaan calls her mad.

Khurana asks Naina what happened after he left. Naina says you won’t believe me any way, you risked my baby’s life. She tells how Armaan tried to kill the baby. She says I have married Khurana just to save the baby. Khurana believes Naina. He beats up Armaan for hurting his baby. Armaan angrily brings his truth out. Armana runs away from the house. Harjeet begs to Khurana to leave Armaan. Dadi and Naina decide to ruin Khurana by breaking his support system, his family. Ira gets mistaken about Naina. She comes to confront her about Armaan. Naina accepts she can do anything for her child. Harjeet realizes Naina is possessed by Ahana’s spirit.


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