Kokila and Sameera’s face off begins in Saathiya


Kokila teaches a lesson to Sameera. Kokila will be seen in an angry avatar again. She gets angry seeing Sameera wear western clothes for the puja. She asks Sameera will she wear such clothes and come for first aarti after marriage, did she not get shame to come here to come in front of Lord and inlaws. She says Sameera is brave to wear such clothes and come, but it’s totally shameful. She asks her to remember that she has come for aarti, not any party.

Kokila tells everyone that Ricky and Sameera will do special aarti, and then we all will go to temple. Kokila explained Sameera with love. Sameera says if Ricky has no objection being her husband, then she does not care for others. She asks Kokila who is she to object and shout on her. Kokila says clothes should be worn as per the place. Sameera then does the aarti. Kokila will try to change Ricky and Sameera. She gets Sameera’s western clothes and burns everything in front of everyone. Kokila is much frustrated and gets anger out. Sameera will take revenge from them. She will create a scene in Mu dikhai function.


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