FINALLY Adi to marry Aaliya in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Everyone gets against Ishita for her decision. Mani and Shagun blame Ishita for all this. Shagun says Ishita just wants to become great, she has ruined Aaliya’s life. Ruhi defends Ishita. Shagun says Ishita has ruined Adi and Aaliya’s marriage. Elders show some belief in Ishita. Aaliya tells her decision that she can’t marry Adi. Everyone gets a shock. Shagun blames Roshni. Ishita says Roshni did not wish to ruin Aaliya’s life, she just kept the matter hidden. Shagun and Ishita get into an argument. Ishita says Roshni did not wish Adi’s marriage to break. Adi begs Aaliya to forgive him. Ishita says Aaliya should decide about her marriage, if Adi loves her, he can win Aaliya’s heart again. Raman gets angry on Ishita for explaining and proving herself right. He threatens to leave Ishita. He asks Adi and Aaliya to have a talk and then decide. He asks Adi not to worry for anyone’s trust or values. He asks Aaliya to give a chance to Adi.

Adi does not want to lose Aaliya. He tries to explain himself. Everyone stays worried and hope everything gets fine. Adi tells Aaliya how much important she is for him, how much he loves him. Aaliya does not listen to him. She makes a mind to leave Adi. She confronts him for his big lie. She feels he has broken her trust and heart by his lie. She does not want to give him another chance. Adi hurts himself while saving Aaliya. Everyone gets worried for Adi. Aaliya realizes his love.

Adi also sees her love in her tears. Aaliya and Adi have a moment. They confess love to each other. Adi’s move melts her heart. Adi asks her to scold him, but not leave him. Aaliya decides to marry Adi. Adi and Aaliya come to everyone, holding hands and expressing happiness. All gets well between them. They all get glad seeing them uniting. Ishita apologize to them for her step. She makes Adi promise that he will never lie to Aaliya. Ishita calls the judge to know about annulment. Judge lies to her that annulment has been completed. Ashok plans to ruin Adi’s happiness.


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