Meghna to keep Naina-Karan away in Swabhimaan


Meghna beats Vishal for hiding big thing from her. She says we promised each other that we will always share things and solve every problem. They have a pillow fight. He runs away and says I wanted to tell everything, I did not wish to hide anything. Khyati comes there and jokes on Vishal, that he is getting beaten up by a sister. She says she did not see such sweet moment. Meghna beats him in front of Khyati as well.

Meanwhile, Karan and Naina are coming close when she is helping him achieving his dreams. Meghna got to know about Karan’s allergy. She sees Karan and Naina together. She takes Naina away from him and asks her not to stay in Karan’s room. She packs Naina’s bags and asks her to occupy some other room to be secure. Karan gets hurt seeing Meghna’s behavior, but feels Meghna is right on her concern.


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