Pinky’s new plan to win Shivay’s trust in Ishqbaaz


Anika gets more clues against Pinky. Pinky asks Naintara to write her name in Kulpatri. Shivay manages and stops Naintara from writing her name. Shivay asks Anika if she has come to know who is backing Naintara, who has broken their trust. Anika tells him that he can’t accept this truth. He says I m strong enough to tolerate any truth. She names Pinky to be behind the game. Shivay gets a shock. He can’t believe the truth. Anika tells Shivay that she has proof against Pinky. Shivay does not believe her.

Rudra gets to meet his life partner. He gets mesmerized seeing her. Rudra’s love story begins. Gauri shows Omkara a true picture of himself. She gets drunk and laughs on him. Omkara pours water on him. Gauri comes to senses. Buamaa gets Gauri back to Omkara’s room and asks him to behave well with Gauri. Gauri and Omkara can’t stand each other.

Pinky gets to know Anika’s move. She makes a new plan to get Shivay on her side. She pays Naintara to push her downstairs. Naintara pushes Pinky. Shivay sees Pinky falling and helps her out. He blames Naintara to behind everything.


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