Veer to rule over Berahampur in Ghulaam


Veer gets Rangeela caught up and brought to sarpanch. He blames Rangeela for killing Choudhary. Rangeela says even I can blame Veer for killing his dad like Veer is blaming me, when Choudhary announced that I m his son, he wanted to fill sindoor in my mum’s hairline and give her respect, he was leaving from haveli to come to my house, he was trying to rectify his mistake, he left from haveli and Veer has killed him on the way. Jageer and Veer accuse Rangeela. Rangeela gives a good answer to Veer.

Rangeela says if Veer is shouting, maybe he did not kill his dad, maybe Jageer has done this, he never got elder son’s status. Jageer says this is your cheap thinking, I agree Choudhary did not give me elder son’s status, but it does not mean I will kill him. Rangeela says I will find Choudhary any way, it’s about my mum’s respect now. He proves that he has not kidnapped Choudhary. He promises that he will find Choudhary any way. They all think who will take Choudhary’s responsibility. Sarpanch gives the responsibility to Jageer, till they find Choudhary. Veer does not take this well. He pushes Jageer and asks how will Jageer manage Berahampur, Choudhary has never given any responsibility to Jageer, I will take my dad’s place. Veer threatens Jageer and sends him away. Veer gets hold on Berahampur.


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