Choudhary goes missing, Rangeela earns the blame in Ghulaam


Choudhary is missing. Gulguli is very much worried. They all fail to find about Gulguli. Jageer also tries to find him. Gulguli thinks how did Choudhary disappear, if he has done everything wrong after his illegitimate relation truth came out. They all doubt Rangeela has kidnapped Choudhary. Gulguli says if he has taken his revenge from Choudhary, I will not leave him. Rangeela scares the haveli guard by showing acid. He asks him to tell how Choudhary left from haveli and with whom. He wants to know where did Choudhary go. The guard agrees to tell him everything.

Rangeela says we have to find Choudhary any way, if he is alive, he will be somewhere. He plans to announce a big prize money to the person who finds Choudhary. Shivani asks Rangeela does he think someone killed Choudhary. Rangeela says yes, it can really happy. Rangeela has met Choudhary before the latter disappeared. Everyone blame Rangeela has killed Choudhary and thrown his dead body. Rangeela wants to prove himself innocent. He asks his friends to find Choudhary at river shore, many times the dead body thrown in the river get stuck to the trees. Rangeela will be finding Choudhary. Veer is behind Choudhary’s kidnapping.


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