Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Sasural Simar Ka: Vikram gives a surprise to Tanvi. Anjali gets jealous seeing Vikram planning Tanvi’s birthday. Everyone celebrate Tanvi’s birthday. Anjali comes there and sees Vikram and Vikram cutting the cake. She gets mad in anger and throws the table away. Vikram asks Anjali did she go mad. Anjali says I have really gone mad seeing my husband giving my place to someone else, I did not see any characterless man like you in my life. Tanvi angrily slaps Anjali.

Shakti: Harak and Preeto have sent Harman to jail. Soumya and Surbhi get to know this shocking truth. Soumya gets Surbhi, Dadi and Saaya’s support. They all think how did the big lawyer change in final moment. Saaya can’t understand why the lawyer changed his mind. Surbhi also evaluates Preeto’s doings. Dadi says Harman has done a murder, we have to prove this wrong. They don’t understand what happened. Chandu calls Soumya and tells her that the goon who got killed by Harman is not dead, it was all a drama, Preeto and Harak were talking on call, they have framed Harman.

Udaan: Vivaan and Ragini decide to bribe Ajay. They go to meet him. Ragini alerts him that someone is following them, the place does not look good and something is wrong. He asks her to leave all this and think of Ajay, who chose this place leaving the village. She says Ajay is very clever to call us here. They meet Ajay and praise him. Ragini says policemen should learn to do business like you. Vivaan says we would have got some other way, when you caught our truck, we understood you are not a small fish, but a shark, who wants much money. Vivaan offers him 10 lakhs. Ajay kicks the bag and throws the money. Vivaan and Ragini get a shock seeing his reaction.


Swabhimaan: Karan and Naina have a talk sitting in the market. They go to have tea. Dust goes in Naina’s eyes. Karan does not care for his allergy. He helps Naina. Karan and Naina have a moment. He thanks her for asking help. She says I should thank you, you have helped me. He says no one has taken my help till now, because of my allergy, you have shown trust in me, everyone thinks I need help, you are different. Naina encourages him. Karan is getting more confident now. Karan and Naina take the musical instrument for repair.


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