TGI Friday’s Spoilers


Saathiya: Sameera shocks the Modis in her Mu dikhai rasam. She gets dressed in a traditional lahenga. The ladies see Sameera’s face and bless her. Ricky says my wife is very beautiful, you will be shocked seeing her. The rasam goes on, when Sameera’s brother starts performing in the function. He asks Sameera to come for the dance. Sameera removes her ghunghat and throws her traditional dress away. She dances with him. Everyone gets shocked seeing Sameera in a short dress. Sameera’s act makes them ashamed. The ladies ask does anyone dance so badly in Mu dikhai rasam, Ricky’s wife is very modern, it’s so shameful to see her. Sameera gets Modis insulted.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Dadi wants some peace at home and called Brahmans. Dadi keeps Brahma bhoj at home and asks Naira to cook for all the Brahmans. Naira is upset as Kartik is going on the official trip. Kartik and Naira have an argument. She gets tea for him to end his annoyance. She asks him where will he go in annoyance, he has no Maayka like her. He says I m going for work, not by any annoyance. He tells her that he just wanted to help her, nothing else. He gets angry with her. Kartik leaves from home. She runs after him and gives him an icecream to cool his anger.

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Jaat Ki Jugni: Munni is in tension as evidences are against Bau ji. She wants to solve the mystery and know truth. She is innocent and will believe Bau ji again. Bhabhimaa finds her worried. Munni lies that everything is fine. Bhabhimaa asks her about Bittu. Bittu calls Munni. Bhabhimaa asks her to answer the call, why is she hiding the phone. She asks Munni why is Bittu calling him at night, what’s going on. Munni says I don’t know anything.

Naamkarann: Avni and Hetal make the plans. Avni tells Neela that once Dayavanti gets the cheque of the deal, she will take Aman and go away. Hetal asks Neela to take the ropes and tie up Riya. Riya gets surprised. Riya gets tied by them. Hetal tells Riya that she is doing this for her betterment. Avni gets dressed as the bride. Hetal fools Dayavanti and sends Avni in Riya’s place. Neil is marrying Riya and is much happy. Neil gets his baraat. Neil’s family dances in the baraat.

Ghulaam: Rangeela has become a rebel. Rangeela and Veer’s tiffs will be seen. Rangeela wants to change Berahampur towards better prospective. Meanwhile, Gulguli is worried thinking who will manage Berahampur. Veer tells Gulguli that he is with her always. Gulguli sits on the swing and wears Choudhary’s shawl. Veer asks her why did she sit in swing. Gulguli is in shock that Choudhary is no more. She doubts on her children to be behind Choudhary’s death. She thinks to teach a lesson to her children and not give the throne to anyone.

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