Karan to support Nirmala’s dreams in Swabhimaan


Karan and Naina have a talk sitting in the market. They go to have tea. Dust goes in Naina’s eyes. Karan does not care for his allergy. He helps Naina. Karan and Naina have a moment. He thanks her for asking help. She says I should thank you, you have helped me. He says no one has taken my help till now, because of my allergy, you have shown trust in me, everyone thinks I need help, you are different. Naina encourages him. Karan is getting more confident now. Karan and Naina take the musical instrument for repair. The man tells them that its very old and damaged, it will cost much to repair it, they can buy a new one instead the old.

Karan knows the old instrument is very close to Nirmala’s heart. Karan says we want this repaired soon. Meghna and Naina told Karan about Nirmala’s singing talent. Karan got to know Nirmala wants to sing again. He is happy for Nirmala. He wants to repair the instrument soon. Karan sends Naina from his room, because of Meghna’s command. Karan misses Naina and thinks is she happy to go from my room and life, I always wanted her to go, now when she has gone, I m feeling bad. Karan realizes Naina’s worth.


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