Naina takes charge of Khurana family in Pardes


Harjeet plans to call Ahana’s spirit. Aghori Baba catches Ahana’s spirit and asks her to show her real identity. Ahana’s spirit comes in Naina. She shocks Harjeet by coming to her real avatar. She introduces herself as Ahana. She tells the tantric that she has come back for the baby. She blames Harjeet for making her helpless to come back as a restless soul. Ahana overpowers the tantric. He tells Harjeet to kill the child, to get rid of Ahana’s spirit. Khurana reaches there on time and gets to her the tantric. He beats up the tantric and takes Naina with him.

Khurana confronts Harjeet for her step. He warns her not to do this again. Naina and Dadi find out that Harjeet has planned all this and made Dadi unconscious. Naina wants to show Harjeet what she can do. She wants to make Khurana more against Harjeet. She thinks to break Khurana from his family. Naina and Harjeet’s Saas-bahu scheming begins. Khurana takes Naina’s side. He asks Harjeet to give the house keys to Naina. Naina grabs the keys and takes Harjeet’s blessings. Naina starts disrespecting Harjeet to anger her. Naina plans and leaves Dadi in an old age home. Dadi finds Harjeet’s mum in law in the old age home and convinces her to come home.


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