High Five Spoilers

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Naamkarann: Neil meets Neela in between his marriage function. Neil says I got to know entire truth, why you and your daughter has come here to take revenge. Neela gets worried. Neil says I know your daughter is Avni, I can arrest her and put her behind bars for fraud. Neela asks Neil why is he getting his frustration out on her. Neil knows Ananya is Avni. He feels she is a criminal. Neil threatens Neela. Neela does not get scared and asks him to go ahead. She asks why is he talking big, if he has uniform on his side, he can go and arrest Avni. Riya is caught by Hetal. Riya gets to know Dayavanti’s truth.

Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai:

Kavya has planned so much to marry Rajveer. She was threatening Gitanjali about Rishabh’s life. She did not know she will lose her mum in the fight. She tells Gitanjali that its her responsibility to save her brother’s life. Gitanjali asks Kavya to stop Munshi from killing Rishabh. Kavya was jealous of Gitanjali. She used to think everyone ignores her, and Gitanjali gets all the attention. She is angry that Rajveer likes Gitanjali, not her.

Swabhimaan: Meghna beats Vishal for hiding big thing from her. She says we promised each other that we will always share things and solve every problem. They have a pillow fight. He runs away and says I wanted to tell everything, I did not wish to hide anything. Khyati comes there and jokes on Vishal, that he is getting beaten up by a sister. She says she did not see such sweet moment. Meghna beats him in front of Khyati as well.


Ghulaam: Veer gets Rangeela caught up and brought to sarpanch. He blames Rangeela for killing Choudhary. Rangeela says even I can blame Veer for killing his dad like Veer is blaming me, when Choudhary announced that I m his son, he wanted to fill sindoor in my mum’s hairline and give her respect, he was leaving from haveli to come to my house, he was trying to rectify his mistake, he left from haveli and Veer has killed him on the way. Jageer and Veer accuse Rangeela. Rangeela gives a good answer to Veer.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi: Ishwari and Sonakshi are bonding well. Suhana tells Sonakshi that she does not like to stay with both families for one week timelines. She asks Sonakshi can’t they stay together with Dev’s family always. Sonakshi gets speechless and makes her sleep. Sonakshi and Ishwari’s behavior towards each other is changing. Ishwari is trying to change herself. She realized her life is getting simple now. Sonakshi is glad seeing Ishwari turning good. Ishwari’s negative thinking is getting away now. Ishwari sees her own mistakes and also sees Sonakshi’s goodness.


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