Vikram-Tanvi’s bond to anger Anjali in Sasural Simar Ka


Vikram gives a surprise to Tanvi. Anjali gets jealous seeing Vikram planning Tanvi’s birthday. Everyone celebrate Tanvi’s birthday. Anjali comes there and sees Vikram and Vikram cutting the cake. She gets mad in anger and throws the table away. Vikram asks Anjali did she go mad. Anjali says I have really gone mad seeing my husband giving my place to someone else, I did not see any characterless man like you in my life. Tanvi angrily slaps Anjali. Anjali asks how dare Tanvi slap me and goes to slap her.

Vikram stops Anjali, and says Tanvi has kept better relations than you and helped me, you came in your ego and broke this house, then Tanvi took care of the house. He takes Tanvi’s side. He says Anjali has lost her respect, she should respect others in other to earn respect. Anjali cries facing the humiliation. She runs away from her. She plans to bring a storm in Vikram and Tanvi’s lives.


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