Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Thapki Pyaar Ki: Samar is falling in love with Bani. It’s a tough day for him. Bani and Samar come to meet lawyer to get divorce. Bani decided they will get separated. Samar does not want to give divorce. Samar and Bani sign on the papers. Bani feels this marriage happened wrong. She wants Samar to unite with Tina. She values Tina’s happiness a lot. Samar thinks to tell Bani his feelings once he is sure about her. Tina feels Samar has cheated her. He was helpless and did the marriage on Thapki and his mummy’s saying. Tina sees Samar with Bani, and feels sad.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Pari goes to Aarav to complain about Ananya. Aarav does not hear a word against Ananya. Aarav supports Ananya. He says Ananya has done right thing, she has to secure the house accounts. Pari asks him does he find his mum wrong after his wife came. She wants to dominate the house by Ananya’s help, but Ananya does not help Pari in her wrong motives. Pari leaves in anger. Ananya feels bad for Pari. Pari wants Ananya to just listen to her. Pari fought with everyone and gave locker keys to Ananya, but Ananya is now commanding Pari and limiting Pari’s useless expenses. Pari does not want Simar to interfere between her and Ananya.

Harman is in jail, but the person assumed to be murdered by Harman is alive. Harak Singh meets the man in the factory and slaps him with a warning to hide from police. Soumya, Saaya, Surbhi and Dadi team up with kinner gang. They follow Harak Singh. They all get free from the goon’s clutches. They get the man to the police station and tell him that the man is alive, the murder charges on Harman should be dropped. Inspector and Harman get surprise seeing the person alive. Harman says I thought this guy really got murdered by my hands. He gets rid of his guilt. Soumya proves Harman’s innocent.


Karan misses Naina and weeps. He can’t bear the distance. He keeps thinking of Naina. He does not know what he is feeling and why. He is upset as Meghna has taken Naina away. Meghna does not want Naina to catch Karan’s allergy. Karan goes out of the room and looks for Naina. Karan thinks Naina will come to meet him. Naina always gets breakfast for him. Meghna gets breakfast for him. He says I understand your fear regarding Naina, you have taken right step to keep Naina away. He says I was trying to tell you everything, I hate everything but could not hate Naina’s goodness. He tells Meghna that she has done right as she cares for Naina a lot. Meghna feels bad for Karan.


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