High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

Saathiya: Sameera provokes Ricky. Ricky confronts Gopi for slapping Sameera. Ricky gets angry seeing the slap marks on Sameera’s cheeks. Lady asks Kokila what’s happening, Kokila’s bahu is beaten up badly. Sameera shows that she is facing domestic violence by bad inlaws. Everyone wonder who has slapped Sameera. Ricky shouts on Gopi. He says there was no peaceful day till now here, since my marriage, you always taunted Sameera, I was quiet thinking everything will get fine, you have to answer me. Sameera has done this planning. They spoil Modi’s name in front of neighborhood ladies. Ricky wants to get complete hold on Modi house.

Udaan: Chakor returns Suraj the last sign of the relation, her mangalsutra. She ends ties with Suraj. She asks him not to have any false hope about their relation now. She gives her mangalsutra in his hand. They get into an argument. Suraj misses Chakor. He says Chakor has always stopped me from drinking, now that she has left me, I will drink wine again. He starts drinking to forget the sorrow to lose Chakor. He holds Chakor’s mangalsutra and cries.

Ghulaam: Rangeela has sworn to get rights for his mum. Choudhary was going to accept Rangeela’s mum. Choudhary gets shot, while Veer blames Rangeela for it. Gulguli slaps Rangeela. Rangeela tries to enter haveli by climbing over the boundary wall. He wants some clues related to his mum. Rangeela takes Rashmi and her husband’s help in knowing more about Choudhary. Later, Shivani sees Rangeela exercising and stares at him. Rangeela understands Shivani’s feelings and ignores her teasing. He gets Rashmi’s call. Rangeela accepts her invitation. He tells Shivani that they have to attend Rashmi’s birthday party.

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Woh Apna Sa:

Nisha’s dad has come to take revenge from Aditya. Aditya asks Nisha to stay away from him and his family. Nisha does not want to hurt Aditya, but can’t lose him. She is much disturbed. Aditya does not get scared of her dad’s threatening words. Nisha got punished as Aditya has broken relations with her. Her dad can’t see Nisha’s sorrow. He does not feel Nisha has done wrong with Aditya. Nisha’s dad loves her a lot and can’t see her mistakes.


Chandrakanta breaks her marriage with Shivdutt. She says it’s a Lord’s sign, not just a coincidence, Lord wants my mum to do my kanyadaan. Kroor Singh reveals to Shivdutt that he is not the heir of Navgarh. He tells him that he can kill Chandrakanta’s mum for his sake, but Shivdutt has to leave Chandrakanta forever. Virendra fights with Shivdutt’s men. Marich meets Virendra and understands Virendra is in love, as Virendra keeps his sword at Marich’s head.

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