Rangeela and Shivani make a start in Ghulaam


Rangeela has sworn to get rights for his mum. Choudhary was going to accept Rangeela’s mum. Choudhary gets shot, while Veer blames Rangeela for it. Gulguli slaps Rangeela. Rangeela tries to enter haveli by climbing over the boundary wall. He wants some clues related to his mum. Rangeela takes Rashmi and her husband’s help in knowing more about Choudhary. Later, Shivani sees Rangeela exercising and stares at him. Rangeela understands Shivani’s feelings and ignores her teasing. He gets Rashmi’s call. Rangeela accepts her invitation. He tells Shivani that they have to attend Rashmi’s birthday party. He asks Shivani not to worry for Veer, he will manage Veer. Shivani asks him to give her just 5 minutes and goes to get ready. Rangeela helps her wearing ornaments. They have a cute moment.

Rangeela always stayed away from her. Rangeela has no limitations by Veer now. Rangeela has accepted Shivani by heart. He knows Shivani loves him a lot, and started reciprocating her feelings. Shivani is happy to live her life with Rangeela. Her belief in Rangeela has finally made her love win. Gulguli has taken Choudhary’s place. She will be seen more dominating than before. How will Gulguli react seeing Rangeela in the party? Keep reading.


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