Shivdutt plans to kill Virendra in Chandrakanta


Chandrakanta breaks her marriage with Shivdutt. She says it’s a Lord’s sign, not just a coincidence, Lord wants my mum to do my kanyadaan. Kroor Singh reveals to Shivdutt that he is not the heir of Navgarh. He tells him that he can kill Chandrakanta’s mum for his sake, but Shivdutt has to leave Chandrakanta forever. Virendra fights with Shivdutt’s men. Marich meets Virendra and understands Virendra is in love, as Virendra keeps his sword at Marich’s head.

Chandrakanta gets to know about some people entering the haveli to attack. Shivdutt kidnaps Chandrakanta to change her fate. Chandrakanta calls him a big fool. She tells him that she has come to him by her own wish, after sending a message to Virendra that Shivdutt kidnapped her. She finds this way to call Virendra back. Shivdutt gets angered knowing her plan. She has belief that Virendra will come to save her. Shivdutt captivates Virendra to kill him.

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