High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

Woh Apna Sa:
Nisha’s truth has come out in front of Aditya’s family. Kakasa asks Nisha to stay away from them. Nisha loses her cool. Everyone has made her out of the house. She is trying to get back in Aditya’s life. Nisha calls police home and tells inspector that Aditya has kept her children away. Nisha forgets to keep her good image. She wants to meet her children. Aditya fails Nisha’s motives. Nisha angrily attacks Kakasa. Aditya knew Nisha will do such thing. He called his lawyer friend Sameer home. Sameer shows the court notice to inspector, that Nisha can’t meet her children.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

Jaggi imagines a romantic moment with Gopi. Gopi and Jaggi have a dance in the rains. Jaggi experiences happiness. Jaggi hopes his dream comes true and he gets fine soon. Jaggi tells Gopi that he got bored staying in room. He asks her to take him outside. Jaggi helps her. They have cute moments. Jaggi cleans dust off her face. Gopi is happy seeing Jaggi’s concern. Gopi asks Jaggi to wait, she will just come. Gopi leaves from his room. Gopi sees the oil fallen on the floor. She spots Sameera coming and calls her out to stop. Sameera has ear plugs on and does not hear Gopi.

Udaan: Suraj gets jealous seeing Chakor with Ajay. Ragini fills his ears. Ajay holds Chakor’s hands and talks to her. Chakor tells Ajay that she will meet him and talk about Vivaan and Ragini’s moves. Suraj thinks something is going on between Chakor and Ajay. His insecurities make him reach Chakor. He does not let Chakor go without listening to him. He has many questions in mind. Suraj and Chakor’s romance will be seen. He tells her that he loves her a lot, their divorce happened recently and she has given his place to someone else, but he can’t tolerate this.


Gulguli holds Choudhary’s Pagdi and misses hm. Maldawali tells Gulguli that now she should manage the throne. She wants to control Gulguli and acts sweet to her. Rangeela has kept a GPS device in Veer’s car. He gets to know Veer is leaving from the haveli. He keeps a track on Veer’s movements.

Love Ka Intezaar:

Madhav convinces Rajmata to meet Kamini and her parents. Rajmata agrees to him, but with a condition that Kamini will not enter her palace till Vijaylaxmi reside. Madhav gets a shock when Rajmata does not allow Kamini’s parents inside the palace. Rajmata meets Kamini’s parents in the outhouse. Rajmata tries asking them if they are okay with Kamini marrying a divorcee. Kamini’s parents support Kamini and Madhav’s love, as long as no one’s happiness and family break out. Vijaylaxmi gets her father Rana there to spoil their meeting. Rana’s presence gives a reason to worry to Madhav and Rajmata. Vijaylaxmi pressurizes Madhav to keep their marriage relation.


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