Menka to create troubles in Devanshi’s life


Devanshi keeps the long fasts to keep up the belief of the villagers in the Goddess. Vardaan tries hard to stop Devanshi from this madness. He asks her not to encourage people’s blind belief by listening to their wishes. Devanshi falls weak by the fasts. Doctor advises her to break her fast, else it would be risky for her life. Devanshi continues her fasts. Vardaan worries for Devanshi and also keeps the fasts along with her. Menka uses her charm and breaks Vardaan’s fasts, by feeding him the food. Kusum Sundari gets a good opportunity to get Menka closer to Vardaan, when Devanshi is busy in her devotional fasts.

Menka is trying to separate Vardaan and Devanshi by Kusum Sundari’s orders. Menka impresses Vardaan by her beauty. Devanshi stops them. Devanshi has kept a fast for 12 days. Because of her fasts, rain occurs. Devanshi runs to tell Vardaan about the rain. She wanted Vardaan to feed her and break her fast. She calls out Vardaan. Devanshi gets shocked seeing Vardaan and Menka’s rain romance. She can’t bear her husband to be with someone else. Kusum Sundari has hypnotized Vardaan and Menka to bring them closer. Devanshi feels something wrong is happening because of Menka and her Bua. Will Devanshi find out Kusum Sundari’s truth? Keep reading.


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