Nisha gets back to her mean avatar in Woh Apna Sa


Nisha’s truth has come out in front of Aditya’s family. Kakasa asks Nisha to stay away from them. Nisha loses her cool. Everyone has made her out of the house. She is trying to get back in Aditya’s life. Nisha calls police home and tells inspector that Aditya has kept her children away. Nisha forgets to keep her good image. She wants to meet her children. Aditya fails Nisha’s motives. Nisha angrily attacks Kakasa. Aditya knew Nisha will do such thing. He called his lawyer friend Sameer home. Sameer shows the court notice to inspector, that Nisha can’t meet her children.

Inspector stops Nisha and asks them not to make them helpless to arrest her. Inspector takes Nisha away. Nisha succeeds in meeting her daughters in school. She gets few moments with the children. Nisha tries to fill children’s ears against Aditya. Teacher restrains Nisha and makes the girls away. Nisha gets sad as Aditya has weakened her by making her daughters away. Nisha wants Aditya, but is using all the wrong ways to get him back.


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